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robert nohavec
site scrub

Our BMT unit has recently been trialing the site scrub. They are using the product on both the needless connector and well as the cath hub when the needless connecter is changed. There has been a few cases where the needless connector and the hub a "fusing" together. I suspect that the cause is due to not allowing the etoh to completely dry as well as possible tightening of the needless connector when scubbing (most individuals are right handed) thus they would naturally twist the the site scrub in a clockwise direction (righty tighty, lefty loosey)


Has anyone else seen this phenomenon?

Just a side note! Hi Lynn how are things in Georgia. Salt Lake is really cold and if this weather does not change I may take you up on your inviation to visit warmer weather.


Happy Holidays to all.


Bob Nohavec

Univeristy of Utah Home Infusion

Salt Lake City, UT

 Hi Bob, weather here is cold

 Hi Bob, weather here is cold to me - 33 when I left this morning and now about 55. But that would be warm to you, so come on down. Just pack your rain gear. I would bet that you are on the right track with the drying time and tightening issues. Alcohol is a solvent of plastic, but it does flash off or dry rapidly. Just have to wait until it is dry. I have seen this problem lots of times. Don't let them use hemostats to get those connectors off. This can easily cause catheter hubs to crack. Stay warm! Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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robert nohavec
Thanks Lynn!!!! Stay warm! 

Thanks Lynn!!!! Stay warm!  33 is balmy here is in the teens.

Carole Rumsey
My home infusion agencies

My home infusion agencies have been using the Site Scrub for the last year.  We love the porduct.  We also had the same problem initially about difficulty removing the needleless connector.  I  have taught the nurses to allow the Site Scrub to dry at least 15 seconds before attaching the new needleless connector.  I have also taught the nurses to not double twist the connector on (meaning do not twist the hub of the CVAD in one direction and the needleless connector in other direction as you are putting on the connector).  This can cause the connector to be twisted on too tight and more difficult to get off.

Carole Rumsey, RN, CRNI

Home Infusion Program Manager

Sutter Infusion and Pharmacy Services

Sutter Care at Home

Northern CA

[email protected]

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