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Jan Hull
Single agent chlorhexidine gluconate

We have purchased a single agent chlorhexidine gluconate scrub cloth.  They are packaged sterile and are for surgical site prep.  They say to scrub for 3 minutes on them.  Is this the recommended scrub time for single agent chlorhexidine gluconate prep time for port insertion?  We have a patient on Erbitux with a horrible rash from the alcohol in the chlora-prep.

Jan Hull, RN, BSN, CRNI

Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital


Are you asking about port
Are you asking about port access or port insertion? I am not familiar with this product nor have I seen any recommendations about this process. So think the only thing you can do is go by the manufacturer recommendations. Also, is this a scrub with soap or a solution without soap ? If it is soapy, I would think you have to remove the soap with sterile water or saline. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., NPD-BC, CRNI

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I think this product is a
I think this product is a cleaning agent to be used prior to the procedure.  There was a presentaion at AVA on how infection was reduced whent he patient showered, cleaned, etc. prior to the procedure with CHG cloths.

Cheryl Kelley RN BSN, VA-BC

Robbin George
New product recommended at

New product recommended at Phoenix AVA conference by Marcia Ryder for pre procedure cleaning of skin--Also a recent article sited an ICU practice of daily CHG bathing using these clothes with impressive results

Robbin George RN VA-BC

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