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silver v. bio-patch...revisited

I am receiving a little pressure from the bean counters to look for a more cost effective solution to our use of bio-patch. I am a firm beleiver in bio-patch and have used it with great success. I am very hesitant to move away from CHG. Is anyone using any of the silver dressings or other products? I need clinical experiences and input only please. I have all the infor from vendors I need. Thanks in advance for your help.

Glenda Dennis
We used "SilverSite" dressing

We used "SilverSite" dressing for about 5 years with good result.  Our infection rate was very low.  I got significant pressure from our infection control practitioner to move to a CHG dressing or Biopatch so moved away from the silver.  I think they both work quite well.

silver v. bio-patch...revisited

I place PICC's at two different facilities. One of them I am employed full time as Vascular Access, the other hospital I work the floor PRN and place PICC's. I use two different products. The Biopatch made by Ethicon and the Algidex made by DeRoyal. I am ignorant concerning the cost of either product, because the contracts vary, etc. From a clinical standpoint both products are very good. I have not had issues with infection and I don't recall any patient reporting discomfort or itching from either product. Having said that I prefer the biopatch over the algidex. Mind you this is coming from an end user. The algidex packaging is cumbersome and sometimes difficult to open. The patch usually sticks to the side of the foil package and it's often difficult to get the patch to easily drop onto the sterile field. I've had countless patches fly or roll right off my field. I've tried different things to get that patch to fall right out... it doesn't happen. Secondly, I've found dressings that had the algidex patch applied upside down. The packaging cleary states how to place the patch, but it happens. And lastly, I think the algidex is difficult to remove at dressing changes. I don't have that problem with the biopatch.

I am a biopatch fan all the way.



Leigh Ann Bowegeddes
Silver vs. Biopatch

Disclaimer: I am on the speaker's bureau for Biopatch.

Suggestion for addressing this clinical and financial question - get copies of all the research studies about Biopatch concerning this product, and from the silver product, and make comparisons of the value and validity of the data. If you present this data to the administrative people involved, I think you will find that evidence from well designed studies with enrollment of numbers that produce statistical significance are available regarding Biopatch. I doubt that you will find similar scientific proof that silver is effective in preventing infection on intact skin. The CDC will be including Biopatch in the updated Guidelines for Prevention of Intravascular Device-related Infections. Silver evidence hasn't earned a blip on the radar screen.

Let us know what you find out.


Leigh Ann Bowe-Geddes, BS,RN,CRNI

Vascular Access Specialist

Vascular Access Specialty Team (VAST)

University of Louisville Hospital

Louisville, KY

Gwen Irwin
silver vs. biopatch

There is another product that is a CVC "patch."  It is marketed by Covidien.  It is not exactly chlorhexidine, but a close chemical composition.  They have studies about success with this product on surgical wounds.  I don't think they have any related to CVC's.

Anyone tried this?  Anyone know about infection rate related to this product?

With the next CDC guidelines, I expect the specific use of Biopatch, based on their studies.  Based on that, I don't think this product will comply.


Gwen Irwin

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