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Silver Alginate

As anyone gone to the DeRoyal Silver Alginate disk from the Bipatch? I am told that costs less than the Biopatch. Any thoughts or comments?




There are no prospective, randomized, blinded studies to my knowlegge on the Royal product

The Biopatch that I do not represent has a meta-analysis of randomized, prospective, blinded studies in JAMA done in 2009.  In other words there are more than one study on biopatch therefore meta-analysis

The Biopatch does have a marketing indication from the FDA to reduce infection. and organism colinization if I am not mistaken  I am not sure the Royal product has this indication.  Many of the devices have indications for securement only and not infection reduction.  I would read their instructions for use (IFU's) as that is what has gone thru the FDA for claims.  The claims will be based on any studies and testing they submitted to the FDA.

I personally do not endorse any product. 

Hope that helps

Kathy Kokotis RN BD MBA

Bard Access Systems


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