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Shoulder Prosthetics and PICC lines

We are working on modifying policy at our hospital and ran into this question:

"Can pts with shoulder replacements have PICC lines?"

Assuming that ROM isn't affected, what do you think?

The presence of any foreign

The presence of any foreign hardware would add risk of colonization of that hardware. Location of that hardware is not the issue. How old was this joint replacement? What are the current immune system issues for the patient? If they have recently had the surgery and the area is not healed, I would avoid it. But if has been a while and the surgical site is well healed and the joint is functioning normally, it should be ok. I don't know of any specific studies on this issue. But I do know that any foreign devices can be the location for colonization when organisms are entering through a VAD of any kind. So technique for all infection prevention is critical - both during insertion and the dwell time. Lynn

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