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Robyn Whitlock ...
Sherlock Catheter Question

I am wondering if anyone who has been using the Sherlock catheters has experienced any problem with advancing the catheters.  We have used BARD products for many years and place about 300 PICCs per month.  We have several experienced PICC nurses who have recently had problems advancing the Sherlock catheters. They meet resistance around the 30cm marking with  both the Power PICCs and the Groshongs.  I would appreciate any feedback. 


Robyn Whitlock RN, MSN CRNI 

Timothy L Creamer
We currently place all power

We currently place all power PICC's with the Sherlock stylet (TLS) and did not notice any difference at all between catheters (power and non power) with and without the TLS stylet during the transition. In my experience of precepting nurses at variuous facilities your question/concern has not been encountered.

Hope this helps.

Timothy L. Creamer, RN

PICC Team Leader, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

Clinical Educator, Bard Access Systems

Timothy L. Creamer, RN

Clinical Specialist, Bard Access Systems

Gwen Irwin
We place about the same

We place about the same number that you do and haven't noticed this type of problem.  That does seem odd to have this problem after changing to them.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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