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Sherlock 3CG & Vasanova

 I'm looking for reviews on the Sherlock 3CG and Vasanova for PICC tip placement.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Both of these devices work

Both of these devices work very well. I went with the VPS for 3 main reasons that the other product could not meet.

 1) It can be used with any PICC on the market! This import because one PICC does not fit all patients and I did not want to be locked in to one product.

2) I am placing CVCs and VPS can be used with CVCs as well.

3) My physicians are interested in eliminating CXR for their patient too! So the VPS will be used by nurses and physicians.



I also like the fact that I am able to use the biosensor stylet for the VPS in any PICC line. We have successfully illiminated post insertion x-ray to confirm tip placement with the VPS and love not waiting for the portable machine. We changed to the Arrow catheter and went to the Ergo Pac kit which saved us almost $200.00 (biosensor wire included in PICC line) so this was also a plus. This kit is layed all with all your supplies as you would need them in compliance with the Central Line Bundle. The only items you need to add is your gloves and probe cover.

Thank you,


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