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Sequential Compression DVT prophylaxis for piccs

PICC lines have become part of our order set for strokes.   We are seeing thrombosis in our stroke and ICU patients who are immobilized in bed.   I'm wondering if anyone has tried using a small sequential compression stocking for these patients.  Would there be a contraindication for doing this? 


Any thoughts?

 Darilyn Cole, CRNI

There is no published

There is no published evidence that these compression devices can or should be used on an extremity with a PICC. There is a strong theory based on knowledge of anatomy that they could do harm. The compression would increase the contact between the vein wall and the catheter, disrupting the endothelium and producing a greater risk for thrombosis. So I would not recommend these. You should also check the labeling for these devices. There could be some sttements in their instructions about not using them on extremities with implanted devices. Lynn

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Squential compression DVT prophylaxis for piccs

I thought about this also to help prevent thrombosis in high risk patients.  I would think if you placed it on the lower arm below the picc it would work the same as it does for DVT's of the leg.

If anyone knows of a study on this let us know.

Nan White RN VA-BC

Yes of course, below the picc

Yes of course, below the picc on the forearm.  

I think I'll call the rep and see if they have any insight into this. 

Thanks for the replies.


Darilyn Cole,  RN CRNI VA-BC

Darilyn Cole, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
PICC Team Mercy General Hospital Sacramento, CA


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