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sensitivity to dressing

What is everyone using for the patient that has a sensitivity to the picc dressing? We use tegaderm & Sorbaview. We have had 2 patients that developed redness & itching under the entire dressing, requiring daily dressing changes.





We use Tegaderm and Sorbaview also. For patients who are sensitive, we use OpSite with a high success rate. If this fails we go to gauze and a daily dressing change.

Most of the time this is not

Most of the time this is not caused by a true allergy to the dressing. The most frequent cause is placing the dressing on while the antiseptic solution is still wet. This can lead to skin irritation. Also, I would never place any type of dressing on any patient without using a skin protectant solution. It promotes skin integrity and helps the dressing adhere more readily. So these solutions are a must! 

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We always use the skin prep

We always use the skin prep that is included in the statlock kit. I do wait for the antiseptic to dry. I did not know it could cause a skin irritation if wet. I will certainly pass this on to my co-workers. I would still like to know if anybody is using some other dressing for the rare patient that cannot tolerate the tegaderm or sorabaview


Jonathan Rolt
skin issues under porta-cath dressing

I have a pt who seems to have a skin reaction to every dressing we cover his port with . Lately we have dry dressed it and paper tape over and out onto skin that  was clear. Now he scratches through everything.  Any suggestions??

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