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Selling the idea of a PICC team to administration-help

Apparently, things are not as peachy as I thought with the PICC team starting up.  Now I need some ideas from you guys who have done this before.  What data do I need to collect?  How can I show that this would "make/save" money for the hospital.



Bloomington Hospital of Orange County

Chris Cavanaugh
Many of the PICC
Many of the PICC manufacturers now have clinical support specialists that can help you get a PICC team started in your hospital, including data collection tools, presentations to administration, business plans to save the hospital money, etc.  You may want to start there. 

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

Jeff Hanks
Chris's suggestion is right

Chris's suggestion is right on in my experience.  (way to go Chris)  Our program was greatly enhanced when we reached out a few years ago to the PICC manufacturer we use.  They paid a consultant to come in and help guide me in writing a proposal.  In addition, I used that contact to do  some networking that has been Invaluable!

Jeff Hanks, CRNI-Vascular Access Nurse, Oaklawn Hospital.  Clinical Consultant, Navilyst Medical (formerly Boston Sceintific).

Jeff Hanks, CRNI-Vascular Access Clinical Specialist, Arrow International

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information guys. 

Patrick Cassidy, RN

Bloomington Hospital of Orange County

Patrick Cassidy, RN

Infusion Therapy

IU Healthcare Paoli Hospital

Chris Cavanaugh
You can also check out the

You can also check out the "Intravenous Team Implementation Module" from the INS.


Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

Patrick,   I have some



I have some articles that could help.  I will try to email them to you. 



Rose Galyan RN, BSN, CRNI
Speciality Practice Nurse
Vascular Access Team
Indiana University Hospital Bloomington
[email protected]

Timothy L Creamer
Patrick, please email me at

Patrick, please email me at [email protected], I have some articles and experiences to share if you are still in need.  Good luck.

Timothy L. Creamer, RN

PICC Team Leader, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

Clinical Educator, Bard Access Systems

Timothy L. Creamer, RN

Clinical Specialist, Bard Access Systems

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