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Julie Koch
Securement for PICC

What type of securement devices do you use for PICC securement. Stat lock, Wing gard, suture or is there an other recommended device. Currently, only physican suture picc's and we are using the wing gard, but have used the stat lock in ghe past. Was has been the experience of inadvertent removal of PICC with these devices?

Thanks Julie

You can read a report of the

You can read a report of the outcome data in a 2006 article from JIN by Frey and Schears, "Why are We Stuck on Tape and Sutures?" This data was collected using Statlock and I am not aware of any published data on outcomes with other brands. You should also be aware that sutures are no longer considered an acceptable method for catheter stabilization according to the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice. They support the growth of biofilm and produce needlestick injuries. OSHA has published a paper stating that all medical catheters should be stabilized with devices other than sutures. 



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