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Scrubbing the hub

I have been reading that you should scrub the hub between every access. To confirm that I understand this correctly I have some questions:

1. Is this what is meant by scrub before each access: scrub prior to first flush syringe, scrub the hub prior to next syringe and again prior to heparin?

2. Does each scub need to be 15 seconds? Or can the first one be 15 seconds and the rest a shorter time?

3. Do you use a new alcohol swab for each cleanse?


We are putting this into our policy and will be asked for references.Can anyone direct me to the references for this?


Thanks very much


 Yes, the standards from INS

 Yes, the standards from INS state to scrub before each entry into the system. And an alcohol pad or any antiseptic pad is a one time use only, so you will need a new pad for each entry. What is not a settled issue is the length of time required for this scrub. Virtually all work has been done in vitro, so we can even state that XX amount of scrubbing the first time will reduce CLABSI by XX. Vigorous mechanical friction is what is required but for how long before each entry is an unresolved issue. Lynn

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