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Safety catheters and high pressure injection

I am trying to confirm information for all brands of safety catheters and their indications for high pressure injection. I have the information from BD - Nexiva and Insyte Autoguard have this indiction. I have the information from B Braun - Introcan has this indication. I can not find this information from Smiths Medical for ProtectIV, Accuvance, or Advantiv. Does anyone have this information and can confirm that these brands do or do not have this indication? I can not find the instructions for use on the Smiths Medical website. Customer service does not have the answer and I was given the name and number of a local rep that I have never heard of before. Thanks, Lynn

Lynn, When the FDA released


When the FDA released their reminder warning regarding ruptured vascular access devices from power injection, I contacted Smiths Medical for their flow rates.  I have a letter that I could fax you that shows testing of their Medex and Medex Medical named products and the flow rates using Omnipaque contrast media.  Its title is Maximum Flow Rates (ml/sec) of Smiths Medical Peripheral I.V. Catheters with Power Injectors.

They also listed Customer service at 1-800-848-1757 ext. 5150 or product quality services at 1-800-858-7670 ext. 5491.  The letter was from Peg Ohara, Global Marketing Manager, Vascular Access

Thanks but your letter sounds

Thanks but your letter sounds like the same thing I just received from them a few minutes ago. Appreciate your help, Lynn

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