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RNs Placing Central Lines in PA

Hello all, I am a clinical manager with an IV team.  We are looking into placing CVCs and what that would look like.  I have found a few threads about a simple answer of yes or 47 states can place them.  I was wondering if there were any specifics regarding PA board of nursing.  I have scowered through PA's board of nursing and scope.  I attempted to call the BON but no success im guessing it's due to COVID times.  Any help or links you could send would be at least a helpful start.  Thanks team.

Most state boards of nursing

Most state boards of nursing now use a decision tree model for scope of practice decisions. Your board may not be able to answser your question and would direct you to this Scope of Practice Decision Tree. Search their website for that tool, then use it to make you decisions. 

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Thank you I will try to

Thank you I will try to locate this through the PA board of nursing website 

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