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Gina Ward
risk versus benefit for PICC line versus Midline


OK, I am looking into the new Midlines by Bard; Power Glides, telling my Critical Care Dr ( my PICC line MD resource) about the midlines and how they are shorter,

but can stay long and have less of the risks versus central lines;  like decrease DVT and CRBSI, he says  "no they dont",  he feels they have the same risk for DVT, and infection.

I do realize the differences in what they can be used for, and I do see a moderate size population that I think they may be appropriate for. 


Any studies out there you are aware of that have looked at these issues.? 


thanks,  Gina

 There are no published

 There are no published studies that I am aware of on these new midline catheters such as the PowerGlide. There are several studies with midline catheters inserted with a through the introducer method and from one old device that is no longer on the market. One study of the old catheter found a rate of 0.8 BSI per 1000 catheter days. I can't think of any studies that have studied thrombosis rates in any midline catheter. So I am not sure exactly where your incidence rates are coming from. Lynn

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I'm looking into midlines as well. I'm looking at the PowerWand. Here is a JAVA article on it. It does give you complication rates.






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