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Rewiring PICC's
Is there a timeframe in which rewiring a PICC would be contraindicated? Our PICC team has been searching to inquire what would be the best practice. Thanks
Are you talking about
Are you talking about changing PICC lines out over a wire. In the past as long as the site looked intact and Infection was not suspected I would consider attempting an exchange regardless of dwell time.

Jeffery Fizer RN, BSN

I agree with fizerjk;
I agree with fizerjk; however, if you are talking about putting a wire in to reposition a malpositioned PICC, we would not manipulate a catheter after just a few hours.  Also, the more manipulations the greater the risk of infection; therefore, after two repositions we pull it back to suboptimal placement or d/c it and start over on the other side if possible.
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