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Request for Literature to Address Correct Patient Position after Discontinuing a Short Term Central Line

Does anyone have any literature/references that addresses the patient position immediately after a short term central line is discontinued? Our policy states that the patient should be positioned supine for 30 minutes after the line is pulled unless contraindicated. One of our surgeons and an ICU nurse state this is unnecessary but they are not able to provide evidence to support their opinion. Does anyone have any literature? Many thanks, Sherry Herbert RN, MSN Nurse Clinician.

I am in the process of

I am in the process of submitting a manuscript on vascular air emboli. This issue of how long to have the patient remain in a supine position after CVC removal has been an issue in one lawsuit where I was an expert. There are no actual studies on this issue that I can find. I have found 3 articles that suggest different times, one says 10 to 15 minutes, one said 30 mins and one said 60 minutes. So no actual science to support this. But then again, how would you actually conduct a study on this issue - use various times and see who does get an AE? IRBs would not like such a design. The primary action to prevent AE is application of an occlusive dressing. By occlusive, you will need to have a petroleum-based dressing to successfully occlude the skin-to-vein tract left when the catheter is removed. Lynn

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