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Leann Kennedy
replacing central line on admission

Hey all,

I've been off line lately, so forgive if a repeat.  Is anyone out there flat out replacing existing central lines (PICC included) on patients admitted into their facility if no confirmation of max barriers were used at time of insertion (pt rec'd line at transferring facility)?  Regardles of infection s or sx--policy to just take out and replace.



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replace PICC's on admission

We obtain CXR to ensure proper placement of lines on admission as well as document any surgically placed devices ie; pacemeakers, mediports etc;. To replace a working line tends to get expensive. The powers that be would not approve.

I am speculating here but

I am speculating here but your hospital's thought behind this practice is that they do not wish to carry the burden of paying for treatment of CRBSI after admission that was actually set up from the other hospital. It does seem like there could be other ways to document that the line was in place, signs, symptoms, etc. If infection is present on admission, your hospital would be paid for the treatment. Did you get any rationale for this policy? Lynn

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