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Denise Shuler
Repeat CXR following CVC removal post after new PICC placement

Does your institution require a repeat chest x-ray following removal of a central line after a new PICC line is placed and verified?

Thank you

Gina Ward
  When placing a PICC line in


When placing a PICC line in a patient who has a central line that is to be removed;  we first insert the picc line  and once completed and successful ( not having got the cxr yet) we remove the central line.  Then, we get the chest xray. This way the xray is done after removal of the original line ,so we can be sure upon removal of the old line it didnt dislocate our picc line . 

I have two doctors who think this is crazy, but it makes sense to me and they allow me to get the xray in that fashion. 


Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

This is not crazy. It makes

This is not crazy. It makes lots of sense to me and I have done it that way in the past. Lynn

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mary ann ferrannini
  I agree not CRAZY at

  I agree not CRAZY at all...I bet if they would have seen a few PICCs in optimal position and then malposition after anothe rCVC was pulled they might not think you were so nuts. I tend to see this more often in our pts that are ventilators..those with excessive coughing and vomiting and those with silicone catheters or combinations of these things.

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