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Removing PICCs on patients with new pacemakers
In our hospital we have a policy that IV team does not place PICCs on patients with new (less than 2 months) pacemakers so that the pacemaker wires are securely implanted and we won't risk disturbing anything important.  Lately our radiology department has been placing PICCs on patients with pacemakers in place for less than 2 week, sometimes even a day post PM insertion.  How can we safely d/c these PICCs?  Also does anyone have any info on when it is safe to insert a PICC on a pt with a pacemaker?
Do any of you have policies regarding this situation?
I have performed literature
I have performed literature searches several times on issues of pacemakers and CVCs but there is almost nothing published. Your idea of avoiding newly placed pacemakers is what I have heard from most other clinicians. Have you spoken with your cardiologists about this issue? Lynn

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