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Gina Ward
recommendations for chg concentration

Our central line dressing change kits and our insertion kits already contain the chloraprep solutions in them but....we keep extra swabsticks on each unit for back up etc.... 


What is the recommended percentage of Chorlhexidiine gluconate or is there none?   our old ones were 3.15% and now the new ones are 2%, both  have 70% isoprpryl alcohol .


I am looking at the Standards of Practice and  it states;  

Chlorhexidiine solution is preferred for skin antisepsis. One percent to two percent tincutrure of iodine, iodophor (rpovidone-iodine), and 70% alcohol may also be used.  Chlorhexidine is not recommended for infants under 2 months of age.

There is no statement regarding the minimum percentage of CHG used to cleansed the site.  any info??


thanks,  Gina Ward R.N.

 Those concentrations

 Those concentrations repressent the only 2 that are available in the USA. CDC states greater than 0.5% CHG with alcohol. So either of those are fine. Lynn

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