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Ray-Marshall LineGuard Catheter Shield for tunnelled Groshongs and Hickmans

Is anyone using or have you used the Ray-Marshall LineGuard Catheter Shield for tunelled Groshongs and Hickmans?  What was/is your outcome with them, did/do you like them?

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 I have never heard of this

 I have never heard of this product nor have I seen it at an INS or AVA show. Lynn

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Janine Pritchett
Ray-Marshall Shield

We do occasionally use this product at our Children's Hospital.  Generally this is on a tunneled catheter that the site has healed already.  Unfortunately, my understanding is that these are no longer going to be manufactured.  The owner of the product is retiring and the product won't be made - unless a company has bought the patent, etc. 

That said, I don't see any real benefit of this product.  It doesn't maintain sterility since it is used to replace adhesive dressings.  The pt. needs to do daily cleansing of the site followed by a new shield. 

Janine Pritchett, RN-BC, BSN, VA-BC
Clinical Educator - Vascular Access

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