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r4 Vascular Zeus PICC

Is anyone out there using the r4 Zeus PICC? Can you share your experience with us?

had never heard of it.

had never heard of it. Googled it though and it looks interesting. It looks like only the outside is coated..I think most of our occlusions are intraluminal, so I don't know how much these would help. Maybe for DVT prevention, but our numbers are very low anyway.

The biomimetic coating on the

The biomimetic coating on the r4 catheter is on both extra and intra-lumen. Lynn

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Natalie F.
 Unless DVTs or infections

 Unless DVTs or infections are zero, there is always room for improvement.  Interesting technology, we are currently evaluating the r4 in a new bundle we've come up with along with Bioseal.  Most radiologists will tell you that many DVTs are asymptomatic so they don't get diagnosed.  Too soon to know if our DVT rates are lower but our unplanned dressing changes are basically zero.

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