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Question about padlock from Baxa


I am wondering if anyone is using Baxa's padlock system to prevent looping or iv tubing left uncapped. I know best practice is to have the sterile caps but they are not always within easy reach. I read the info about the product but have not found any independent information about the product. Everything seems to be from Baxa. I would like to bring this product to our purchasing dept to trial but would like to know more than what the maker says. Any feedback would be appreciated.



Robbin George
Here is a link to their

Here is a link to their website--Watch the video--Interesting product--See that the clinician still must Scrub A Hub

Robbin George RN Vascular Access Resource Dept Alexandria Hospital Virginia

Robbin George RN VA-BC

The last time I was in

The last time I was in contact with Baxa about this product, they stated that it was still on the market howeer they were not promoting it as it had not been accepted in clinical practice. I have had serious reservations about this product since before it was introduced. It cannot be easily maintained as as sterile site for the luer end of the set. There is no clinical evidence yet for the outcomes with its use. My opinion is that it will be not be effectve at keeping the end of the set sterile. The national standard of practice is to place a new sterile solid cap or new blunt cannula, if required by your system, on the end of the intermittent set after each use. Looping, leaving it open, using the foil package from an alcohol pad, or the tip cap from a syringe are below the standard of care and puts your patient at risk for increased CRBSI. Lynn

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