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Pumps - Plum XLD and others

We are looking at the PLUM XLD to replace the ACCLAIM pumps we (home infusion company) are using for large volume higher rate infusions (liter over an hour or two hydration)

Has anyone had experience with this pump - I would like to know your experience or if you have a pump you really llike I would love to hear about it

we may be looking to replace our Curlin pumps as well - need something that is easy for a home care nurse to teach a patient or caregiver at home that can do multiple functions (pain management with bolus, tpn, intermittent, variable program for ivig)

If you have a pump you really llike I would love to hear about it


Feel free to contact me off the list if you would like

Thanks in advance,


Ann Marie Parry RN CRNI


[email protected]

ambulatory infusion pump choices

Re portable pumps:  The CADD Prizm VIP may be worth looking into for replacing the Curlin pumps for ease of teaching patients.  
However, you mention variable rate IVIG infusions – the CADD pump can NOT do those automatically.
It has 4 modes: continuous, intermittent, TPN, and PCA.

Another choice is The GemStar Blue portable pump, which has the capacity for seven  different types of therapies. 
It includes all the therapies you mention needing: PCA, TPN, intermittent, variable for IVIG.
In addition, the GemStar pumps have a maximum rate of 1000mL per hour.

Another choice would be the BodyGuard 323 Multi-Therapy Pump.
It has a rate of up to 1200 mL/hour. It can deliver multiple therapies:
continuous, intermittent, PCA, TPN, 25-step variable (for IVIG etc).

For patients who currently need two pumps, BodyGuard Twins Infusion Pump is an ambulatory dual channel infusion pump.
It has a continuous, and a TPN mode.

Here is a catalogue that has basic information about  multiple types of infusion pumps.
It may be useful for a quick comparison of pump appearance and features. 
The section on infusion pumps is at the top of this (very long) document.

/Tess M. Hopkins

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