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Andrea Mosteller
PT/INR from a Port A Cath

Is anyone drawing PT/INR's from Port A Cath? I tried this for a patient and had abnormally high PT/INR's. I accessed the Port, flushed with 20 cc NS, and wasted 30cc of blood.  It was enough of a difference that had we adjusted the coumdin, off of the PT/INR from the Port, the patient would have been sub-theruaptic.

There are numerous studies

There are numerous studies showing inaccurate coagulation values when the sample is taken from any type of CVC exposed to heparin, regardless of the amount of discard. Coag studies should not be drawn from a CVC, in my opinion. Lynn

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Andrea Mosteller
Thank you. This is what I

Thank you. This is what I have been saying all along. I have stood firm in my nursing practice and will continue to do so.

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