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Grace Sierchio
Pt Satisfaction Survey for PICC Program
We have a PICC program that operates from a pharmacy based ambulatory infusion center.  Our program is relatively new, and we would like to establish a core measure and a patient satisfaction survey specific to the PICC program.  We have developed a survey tool, but are curious what other PICC teams use for patient satisfaction questions.  It would be nice to use the same tool so we can benchmark.  Can anyone share their survey tool?
Vasular Nurse
We have a PICC Team. There

We have a PICC Team. There is no satisfaction Survey. I wish There was.

I like to ask them howmany times they were stuck by other nurses for an IV?

How painful was the IV start Attempts?

How pain ful was the PICC insertion, on a scale of 1-10l?


Grace Sierchio
Thank you for your post. 

Thank you for your post.  We have included a Likert scale 1-5 rating on issues related to comfort, patient information, coordination of care, timeliness, and a few others.  We did not ask about # of times stuck, but we track that on a data log and it is a core measure on our quality improvement program (percentage of patients inserted to the correct proximal position on first attempt).

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