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PSA/CNA Role in care and maintenance of CVAD's

I have been asked to talk at the PSA/CNA  Nursing assistant Conference we are having at our facility.  I would like some input from all of you as to what role the psa plays in the care and maintenance of CVADs.  For example, covering the dressing appropriately when the patient showers, ensuring the line is not pulled on when transferring the patient,.... etc  My goal is to tie this into the CMS never event of Vascular catheter related infections and what they can do to help prevent this event from occurring.  Any articles you may have on this would be helpful.  I am looking for what their role is within their scope of practice. 

Thank you in advance.


Do not disconnect the tubing

Do not disconnect the tubing at any junction in order to change a gown. Either use a hospital gown with snaps across the shoulder or if the patient wants to wear their own clothing, then remove the bag and tubing together from the pole and thread it through the sleeve just like the arm. 

Leave the fluid containers in the same position on the pole as placed by the nurse. If using a gravity flow with a piggybacked secondary, the height of the bags dictates the fluid flow from each bag. 

What to do if they find that a tubing has come loose or separated from the catheter. Never reconnect a potentially contaminated tubing but clamping the catheter to prevent air emboli. 

I am sure there are more but those are the ones that come to mind quickly. Great approach and much needed information!!

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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