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Cherokee people
portable venous ultrasound

We are looking to purchase a new ultrasound. We've trialed several brands but wasn't very impressed with them. We had trouble visualizing the needle. Could you share what brand that you've used with our IV Team? We place about 120-140 PICCs a month. We have 2 Sonosite I looks that are seeing there last days if we can find anything that is that great at visualizing the needle. Thank you!

Karen Day
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I just trialed the Nanomaxx

I just trialed the Nanomaxx and was very excited to see the beautiful image it displays, but very disappointed as I could not track my needle either.  I agree with you, nothing compares to the I-Look so far that I have seen.  I have not had the opportunity to trial sonosite's S-Series.  I have also looked at Bard's newer Site Rite's and could not visualize the needle either.  Hope we can get some great input here. 


I use Site Rite 6

I've used the i look for a number of years and like it just fine. When I had to send it in for repairs I borrowed a titan from our cath lab to place PICC's, which I liked for the larger image. But then about 6 months ago I started using the Site Rite 6, and absolutely love it. The picture is fantastic and I don't have any problems visualizing my needle. It took a few placements to get oriented to the probe and making the adjustments to visualize the needle, but now it works just great. I can usually access the vein within a few seconds. The built in sherlock is very nice to have, also.


I like the SonoSIte

I like the SonoSIte S-Cath...resolution is much better than the Nano.  Not the first model the rep will show a Vascular Access PICC team but well worth the look!!!!

Cherokee people
Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. There has to be a better vascular ultrasound out there. We had the same results with Nanomaxx, Siterite 6, GE and another brand by Sonosite (can't remeber the name of it). I'm not sure if we trialed the Sonosite S-Cath or S series.  We will have to check in to those. The problem with a few of these ultrasounds is that they have a multiple beam that even if cut off you still can't see the needle. Very disappointing! Why did they not just update the Sonosite I look? Thanks again, Vickey

Karen Day
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I had heard that the beam

I had heard that the beam seems to be the problem.  My sonosite rep is coming next week with some tips and pointers, I will post if they work for me.  thanks.


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