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mary ann ferrannini
port flush for locked ports and intermittent dosing

 I re -wrote our port policy and some do not agree with me about the flush  I say we use 100 units per ml (5 ml) for monthly accesss and when we deaccess....for locked ports I want to decrease the heparin to either 10 units per ml (5 ml)  or have them draw up 1 ml of 100 units per ml and mix with 4 ml NS for a total of 5 ml.....they think we should leave it at the 500 units...but when a port is locked  we are accessing it a lot..maybe 4-10 times per day on a hospitalized pt.....I thought the INS flushing protocols/cards only said to use the 500 units on those instances I said.......Does it specify b/c in the third edition of the INS text it leaves room for a little interpretation  any help out there!!!!

Heparin flushing

You can also look at the ONS Access Device Guidelines (2nd edition) for more information regarding this topic.

Angelo M. Aguila, MSN, RN, VA-BC
Vascular Access Nurse
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mary ann ferrannini
The most current I could find

The most current I could find from ONS is 2004 and I have seen those..I was looking for something more current....I was looking for a solution other than hanging a med line......I think low dose Heparin for frequent intermitent use is OK...say 50-100 units as long as the volume is enough (approx 5-6 ml)..I am not talking about de-accessing with the 500 units (100 units per ml) only the flush when it is locked and being used a lot during a hospitalization or home infusion ....what are others doing?

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