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Port Disinfection

I am looking for educational materials for staff to encourage them to "scrub the hub." Does anyone have materials they would be willing to share?


Mike Brazunas
The AVA website has

The AVA website has information on the "SAVE that line" campain.  They can also send you a packet of materials for a fee.  Check it out.


Mike Brazunas

This is great - Thanks!
This is great - Thanks!
B Braun has had a poster in
B Braun has had a poster in the INS journal and other mailings that addresses scrubbing the hub--it is an excellent poster for teaching.  We recently used it in our annual competency fair to teach (and  reinforce) proper cleaning of the hub(s). One of our nurses is advocating getting more of them and putting them in areas where nurses have an opportunity to read posters (like staff bathrooms, and breakrooms).
mary ann ferrannini
  One tip I would like to
  One tip I would like to add is this. I find that when I am teaching nurses how to do something I always tell them why it is so important. You would think that they should know,but I am suprized how often that they do not. In addition, I try to include some facts about how much it costs to treat one catheter-related bloodstream infection or other facts that could have an impact.
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