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Jan Fuller
Port Access - wear a mask or not?

At my facility, we wear a mask when accessing implanted ports and applying the dressing.  I was wondering if anyone knows what the INS policy or CDC policy or recommendation is for this.  Does aseptic or sterile procedure automatically include wearing a face mask?  Have seen different policies at different facilities and wanted to know if there is an "official" policy on this.  Thanks for any help on this that can be offered. 

 Here is the statement from

 Here is the statement from the INS Standards of Practice:

Aseptic technique, including the use of sterile gloves, should be used when accessing an implanted port. The use of a mask during access is often recommended; however, it remains an unresolved issue due to lack of research.7-9(V)

To see the references and the ranking scale this document can be purchased at and downloaded as a pdf. 

CDC is silent on this issue. Use of the phrases "maximal barriers" or "personnel protective equipment" does includes masks. 


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