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Placement of Biopath On Day of Insertion
At present we place the Biopatch on the 24 hour dressing change and then every seven day and as needed.  We are currently considering applying the Biopatch on the day of insertion to minimize risks of migration, infection, dislodgement, etc..  What is your current practice?  What are your positive or negative experiences if you have placed the Biopatch on the day of catheter insertion?  Thank you for your reponse. 
Jordan Trott
I am the Biopatch

I am the Biopatch representative that covers the Bay Area, and I would be glad to pass along some recent published literature that examines placing the Biopatch at insertion vs the 24 hour dressing change.  Several facilities in the area have began placing Biopatch at the time of insertion for the reasons you mentioned, and I would be happy to get you in contact with some of these clinicians to discuss their experiences thus far.  Feel free to contact me anytime.


Jordan Trott


[email protected]


Gwen Irwin
We changed about a year ago

We changed about a year ago to applying the Biopatch at insertion.  We do not do 24 hour dressing changes, since we started doing that.  We do dressing changes every 7 days and prn.  If the Biopatch is saturated, it gets changed sooner than 7 days.  If there are other issues (wet area or not intact transparent dressing), the dressing change gets done sooner than 7 days.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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