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Picture needed

I am looking for a picture of an inserted Bard 5F triple lumen Power PICC. I would really like a close up of the insertion site to let our staff know that there will be 1 cm externall length exposed and it's ok. My picture taking skills are not good. :) thanks, Peggy

Hi Peggy, I'm sorry that I

Hi Peggy,

I'm sorry that I can't provide the picture you are looking for.

We don't have the problem that you are encountering with your staff because we routinely leave 5-8 cm external so that we are not placing the tapered part of the catheter into the vein. 

You can emphasize to the staff that if the catheter is inserted fully, it will erode the skin at the insertion site. It took me quite a while to train my IRs to stop that practice.

Good luck.

Darilyn Cole, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
PICC Team Mercy General Hospital Sacramento, CA


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