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picc teams clinical enhancement and patient outcomes

Hello everyone,

recently, we have had a corporate change in our facility and our new Finance Officer is really scrutinizing each and every department.  During my recent meeting with him, we went over budget and cost savings we have done for our facility.  Although he stated this was all great information, he wanted some clear and definitive criteria and evidence that we were having a positive clinical enhancement on our patient outcomes.  He has asked me to prove to him how we affect LOS, infections, patient and coworkers satisfaction, patient care costs.  His final words to me were to prove that keeping the picc team as a sub-specialty was as beneficial to our facility or would it be more beneficial to have me back on the floor as a bedside nurse.

What I want to do here is two things:  1) We all know how we impact patient care by giving reliable access and cutting costs by placing lines early etc., but does anyone have a good reliable tracking tool that I could use to show and prove this to a non-clinical person.  Is there specific things you guys think I should look at to take back to my CFO that I may not have thought of.  and 2) For all of you to prepare for this as well - sometimes it's not just about the savings we do for our facilities, but how we improve patient care by decreasing LOS; giving reliable access; decrease infections; provide a dedicated vascular access team with the goal in mind to give our patients appropriate IV access and preserve veins in a cost effective manner etc. 

In this tough economy, I fear that I am not the only team in the country under such scrutiny and if you are prepared - you may not have to go through what I am going through right now.

I appreciate any and all input.  thanks


I would do a Google search

I would do a Google search on how to perform a "return on investment" calculation. This process converts the dollars actually spent into the amount of money returned to the facility due to spending that money. For instance $1 spent caused $1.55 to be returned or enjoyed by the facility.  I think that is what your CFO is asking for.


Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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Kathy Kokotis Bard Access

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Contact me privately.  I am giving a talk on this at AVA.  I have a data collection tool to show decrease LOS and improved performance but I need to know background info on team to show you how to use it.  Like when team started (year), did you collect old MR #'s to do a retrospective review to prospective review.

I also have an excel spreadsheet to show cost savings by not sending to IR

Kathy (219-730-8927)

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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