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PICC team size

The size of the PICC team is an issue if the comptency decreases, how do we (as practitioners) go about addressing this with management? If management does not place PICCs, or have the ability to determine the correctness of the procedure, how can team comptencey be addressed? What would you do if you felt a team member was able to provide the best standards of practice?

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I don't know exactly what

I don't know exactly what situation you are referring to. I would have that team member work closely with the management or start with your clinician working up the chain of command. Have them share their views on the situation to hopefully come up with a compromise or what the best practice is. You should have the same goals in mind which would be safe best practice. I would gather the necessary INS educational material and present that to them. Still the final decision will be there's but at least you know you contributed.

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