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PICC team, IV Team or Vascular Access Team



Thank you for taking the time to anwer these questions.




1. Does you hospital have an IV team, a PICC team or both (Vascular Acess Team.

2. How many people are on your IV team? (if you have one)

3. How many people are on your PICC team? (if you have one)

4. What are your hours of operation for your PICC team?

 I have been giving

 I have been giving presentations on this issue for several years. There is no possible way to safetly separate infusion therapy from vascular access. Decisions about what VAD to insert, infusion methods, and complication managed all require considerations of the infusion therapy. Teams that only focus on VAD insertion, then dump the care and maintenance onto the back of primary care staff nurses are not providing the optimal patient care situation. This method would require serious investment into the educaiton and training of the entire nursing staff about infusion nursing. I have never seen a hospital with this level of investment into their staff. One team can do both VAD insertion and infusion services, but I am not talking about having a team be responsible for actually administering each dose of fluid or medication. I am talking about this team having a definted scope of practice, and acting as resource, educator, coach, consultant, etc to the staff nurses. Infusion therapy is now so complex, you need infusion nurse specialist to meet the needs of patients and to ensure evidence based practice and compliance with standards and guidelines. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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I.V Team

 Our Hospital has I.V. Team consist of 25 staffs. The hospital has 920 bed capacity and we certify ICU nurses (CICU,SICU, MICU, CCU, PICU, NICU) Dept. of Emergency Nurses (ADULT, PEDIA) CARDIAC WARDs, PEDIA WARDS, ONCO WARDS and Labor And Delivery for I.V insertion to lessen the demand of the I.V. team and facilitate immediate peripheral access for urgent cases.

6 I.V. team staffs to cover 3 floors of the hospital everyday (medical, surgical, ob-gyne, on-call areas) We have 2 shifts 7AM-7PM. During weekend, only 3 nurses covers the floor.

Our I.V. team major task is to do PIV insertion, routine blood extraction, Central Line dressing in the WARDS, monitoring all the CVADs and PVADs. I.V. Team is heavily involved in the Staff Education together with Nurse Educator assigned. We have yearly hospital wide activity  for QUALITY IMPROVEMENT in our intravenous infusion in the hospital such as CME and Evidence-Based Project.

I.V. Team standardized the I.V. insertion technique and maintenance practice all over the hospital. Every 2 years an I.V. certified nurse must undergo COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT.The management standardized even the I.V. equipment in our hospital . 

Our I.V. Team is a resource information of the hospital regarding Vascular Access. INS guideline is reflected in our Policy and Procedure.

Currently, I.V. Team are not allowed to do PICC insertion due to some issues on the Commission. All PICCs are inserted in IR.We have regular coordination with our INFECTION CONTROL DEPARTMENT AND I.R. Team. Feel free to contact me. Thank you.


Maan Ciocson, RN, MN

Nurse Educator

What is the national benchmark for CLABSI rate?

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