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Vera Deacon
PICC Suites
Anyone using a PICC "suite"( a designated area only for placements staffed by PICC nurses) within an in-patient hospital setting?  We are transitioning to this format as well as bedside insertions for those pts. unable to leave units....any guidelines, literature, etc would be greatly appreciated  
We currently have two PICC
We currently have two PICC suite, with a central contol area. We are located in and part of the radiology department. It's "suite" :) !  All of our supplies are readily at hand. Two nurses can be placing PICC's at once with the third nurse there to assist as needed, do paperwork, and answer the phone. We still travel to the ICU's, and to patient rooms for those on airborne precautions. But otherwise all of our in and outpatient's come to us.

Jeffery Fizer RN, BSN

Vera Deacon
Wondering if you would be
Wondering if you would be willing to share some information with me such as size of institution, number of insertions annually, how many PICC team members you have, hours of can email me personally at [email protected] . I would really appreciate any input as I have not had many "hits" on my posting. Thanks! 
I would love to get this

I would love to get this info as well as the number of PICC's per month you are placing.

Also are you using any other equipment besides ultrasound? You can email me directly at [email protected].

Thanks, Robin

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