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PICC placement with Chronic Kidney Disease

Does anyone have any protocols/parameters for Chronic Kidney patients/transplant patients that want a PICC placed? 

Kidney patients and PICC's

Our facility consults with Nephrology on every patient with an elevated creatinine, chronic kidney disease, or currently on dialysis, prior to placing a PICC.  They will give us the go ahead or a stop order if they want to preserve the arms for future therapy, such as a fistula.


Mally Harman, RN, BSN
Vascular Access Team Coordinator
Centra Health
Lynchburg, VA

Go to the website for the

Go to the website for the National Kidney Foundation and locate the Dialysis Outcome Quality Initiative document as that is the document to establish the national standard for this patient population. Any catheter passing through the subclavian vein should be avoided for renal failure patients. Right IJ is the preferred site for catheter insertion as it is virtually a straight path to the SVC, thus limiting the risk of axillosubclavian thrombosis. Lynn

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Chris Cavanaugh
AVA/ASDIN Position statement

Have you looked at the AVA/ASDIN position statement?  It can be found on the AVA website, under pub;ications


Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

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