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PICC lines on the same side as CVL?
Do you have any restrictions on placing a PICC line on the same side as another central line?
If you intend to keep them
If you intend to keep them both for a considerable amount of time then the answer is yes. DVT will be your enemy in this situation. Of course this depends on your patient's condition.  

Angelo M. Aguila, MSN, RN, VA-BC
Vascular Access Nurse
[email protected]

This is not a recommended

This is not a recommended practice, but if there is no other way, It can be done.Make sure the doc's and other health care personnel caring for this patient are stressed with the information of increased risk for DVT, and monitor closely. Remove as soon as its use is completed. Same situation for those patients with pacemaker on the same side.

This is true to renal patients with permacath on same side with PICCs, due to Conditions where you can't use the other arm.

Heather Nichols
  Why would you put a picc

  Why would you put a picc in any renal patient?  They cause sclerotic build up and decrease the successful placements of graphs and shunts.  You should never place a picc in a renal patient unless there is absolutely NO other options. PIV sites do damage also.  Renal patients should have some type of line through their IJ.  There is ton's of documentation and literature on this.  We as vascular access specialists should advocate for it.

  Dual lines are placed quite often and it does increase the risk of DVT.  Assessment should be done daily to evaluate when one can be removed.



Heather,  Only A few of


 Only A few of these renal patients who venous access had been exhausted, and restrictions of the use of the opposite arm. That is true, we don't advocate this practice.That's why I said, not recocommended practice. in this  cases when there are no other places to place, and patient has to receive those irritating drugs. Plus, you have to consult the ordering physician and the renal doctor before the picc placement.

Thank you

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