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Denise Shuler
PICC line insertion in Children over the age of 4 years

I have 2 questions about PICC line insertions with children over the age of 4.

Does your institution give any sedation prior to the PICC insertion?

Do you allow the parents in the room during the PICC insertion?

Thank you

Angela Lee
We sedate patients based on

We sedate patients based on our assessment.  Sometimes we can do a 2yo without sedation but may have to sedate a 14yo due to high anxiety.  It's very individual.  So yes, we may sedate kids over the age of 4 if it is indicated but we have no blanket rule about sedating at any age.

If the patient is sedated the parents are allowed to stay with the patient until he/she is asleep and then they wait in a waiting room next door to the sedation room or they can wait in the patient's room.  If the patient is not sedated, parental presence again depends on our assessment of their ability to be calm and a support to the child during the procedure.  Generally, we do ask parents to step out using the need for sterility as a reason.  This allows us to freely focus on the child and for the child to be attentive enough to follow instructions.  Each situation requires an assessment and an approach customized for that family.

Angela's comments are very

Angela's comments are very well stated and exactly the way I have practiced in the past when my IV team routinely covered the peds unit at our community hospital. 

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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We usually sedate most of our

We usually sedate most of our kids around 15mth to 10-11 yo. You do get that occasional child who can be still for the procedure. So it is pretty indivudualized. For those kids that are stedated the parents are allowed to stay in the room till the child falls asleep.

Jeffery Fizer RN, BSN

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