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PICC Insertion Training???

I would like to know what the standard PICC Line Insertion training looks like. I fear mine was too short, and unfortunately the company I work for is not hospital based. I feel quite alone, disconnected , and underqualified to practice. When I voice my concerns I feel I am not taken seriously. My background is in emergency nursing and therefore I do have a lot of peripheral access under my belt. Please help. I am serious when I ask about the standard training.

Thank you.

This has been outlined in

This has been outlined in the INS PICC Education Module. First you need to have significant documented clinical experience with peripheral venipuncture and management of central venous catheters. Then you must obtain the necessary continuing education. This can take many forms such as a traditional classroom course, self-study through paper-based instruction manuals and video or online courses. Then you will need to have a period of supervised clinical practice working with a preceptor. Your employer must establish how many successful insertions you will need to do under supervision before you are considered to be competent to practice alone. For learning ultrasound and MST insertion, many think that it takes between 30 to 50 insertion attempts to feel comfortable with the ultrasound. Most hospitals usually choose 3 to 5 successful supervised insertions. Then there will need to be a program for ongoing competency assessment. This takes numerous forms and depends upon established staff development processes in your hospital. This is a specialty practice and not one that can be quickly and easily learned just by going to a simple class. There are national standards and guidelines and ongoing changes in this specialty that you must keep up with. Hope this helps.


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Thank you for your response.
Thank you for your response.
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