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James Sissons
PICC dressing changes

The subject of PICC dressing changes has recently come up in my facility. We have been curious about other facility PICC dressing poicies on both a national and international level. The question is two fold as it pertains to dressing changes. First, how many facilities use sterile draping when doing PICC dressing changes? Secondly, how often does your PICC nurse/team assess the sites? Is it on a daily basis, or are they assessed PRN or when dressings are changed? The team I work with are always looking for ways in which to improve our client safety and well-being, any and all input from everyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Our vascular access team
Our vascular access team assess the site on a daily basis, we also assess the sites of all central lines in our facility.  We change the dressings on all lines every 7 days or sooner if needed and endcaps every 4 days
Karen Ratz,RN St. Lukes

Karen Ratz,RN St. Lukes Hospital, Cedar Rapids,IA

We use sterile draping for our dressing changes. We wear the hat, mask, sterile gown,sterile gloves and large drape. Our team performs these dressing changes and assesses the site with dressing change.The nursing staff is accountable for routine assessments. They notify us if needed.They are to assess the site every shift

Karen Ratz,RN St. Lukes Hospital, Cedar Rapids,IA

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