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PICC data

What type of information should we be tracking for our PICC placements?  And is there a better way than setting up an Excel spreadsheet.  We have done none of this in the past and I would like to make this a goal for this year.  My problem is that I will create something that will be a nightmare to keep up what are others doing?  Thanks, Barb

Melanie Heisner
I monitor the total number
I monitor the total number of PICC's we insert, the number successful and the number unsuccessful.
we have a database designed
we have a database designed on Microsoft Access.  We track all kinds of things (MR#, acct.#, which # PICC for current hospitalization, name, unit, inpt. vs outpt., date of insertion, date of removal, birthdate, which quarter of the year, person entering data, time and date of data entry, person inserting line, # cath days, lot #, cath brand, insertion site, # lumens, French size, site used, length of insertion, tip location, problems with lines, f/u information, date of adm. and discharge, reason for cath, MD ordering, diagnosis, amt. of time for insertion, success vs unsuccess., use of US and/or microintroducer, whether procedure was and exchange or was sent to MI and if so, why and and area for comments.  Most of these choices have most common answers in box with an area to drop box for different info.  I usually takes 1 minute to fill in all the info and a program can be written to extract any type of report you would like to run on any of the info.  For example, under the problems section, we track clotting and infection, we can track from adm date to date of insertion, we can track tip location, rate of success, floor percentage, ...  You get the idea.  The database can always be changed to reflect your needs.  Sorry to be so long winded.
Random VAT person
copy of blank database

Can you send a copy of the blank database? 

Thanks in advance

Susan S
CHIRTH If you have 'frequent


If you have 'frequent flyers' with multiple admissions or multiple insertions; do you record this under different records or does it allow you to keep a 'history' for one patient on all admissions????

Susan Schuetrumpf, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Atlanta GA

each PICC placement gets its
each PICC placement gets its own entry.  If there are more than one PICC placements per admission, we number them.  When you view the database, there is a mode where you can look at each individual "form" or placement and then also a "datasheet" view which lists all patients in alphabetical order.  So, if you were interested in looking at one pt. in particular, you would look under that view and you could see how many admissions, lines, etc., basically all the info that is on the form, each listing on its own line but because it's in alphabetical order, all together.
I too am very interested in

I too am very interested in the IV-tx software that has been mentioned.  Could someone please send me the info as well.  Thanks, Barb 

Barbara A. Hewitt, RN CRNI

IV Clinical Educator

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Barbara A. Hewitt, RN CRNI

IV Clinical Educator

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Excel is a spreadsheet
Excel is a spreadsheet software, not a good choice for this project. You will need a database software such as MS Access or FileMaker. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway Associates, Inc.

126 Main Street, PO Box 10

Milner, GA 30257


Office Phone 770-358-7861

holly hess
We just received a data
We just received a data program called IV-Tx which we got with donated funds. We are just in the process of getting started with it but it looks great! It has the ability to work with the desktop or handheld devices which synch with the desktop. I believe the developer subscribes to this site, also. I can give you his contact info if you wish.
karin henderson
I would VERY much like
I would VERY much like information r/t IV-tx...could you please send contact info for this program and any information about the handheld devices you use?
Hello everyone! I am the

Hello everyone! I am the author of the IV-Tx software mentioned below. If anyone would like more information on the system...feel free to contact me at my personal email address:



Sorry for being cryptic with the email...I get far too much spam as it is already from web spiders trolling forums...digging up email addy's for spam lists :)


I am presently updating my website to include information on this system and hope to have that available as early as tomorrow maybe even...surely by weeks end. Until such time, please email me for additional information.


Brian Gackenbach RN, BSN, CRNI

University of Louisville Hospital


Brian Gackenbach RN, BSN, CRNI

University of Louisville Hospital


I am very interested! Please

I am very interested! Please send me more info... Thanks



Very informative

Very informative post. it is pretty useful I hope you will more updates very soon. offshore it

PICC Registry Data

I am currently using the first even national PICC Registry. Using this type of data collection tool you are given an opportunity to see your data and how your data compares to others! How do you know how good you are if you don’t compare yourself? Physicians are in many comparative data bases, why aren’t nurses?

I have been able to use the national PICC registry to prove my value to administration, thru decreasing LOS. Proven need for FTEs when others are cutting back. Having the ability to demonstrate my success compared to others I am using that data to move to placing CVCs in our ICU. I hope to be publishing from this comparative data very soon. The possibilities are endless.  


Send me the info too

Can you send me the information for PICC data as well? We do everything manually and it is a nightmare. Thank you!

E-mail me at

E-mail me at [email protected] for information on the National PICC Registry.

Thank you

Thanks to all of you that have reached out to get more information on compareative data collection and see the value and impact it can have on moving the speciality of vascular access forward. Please do keep in touch! 

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