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PICC and patient with axillofemoral bypass

Had any one had experience with patient with axillofenoral bypass?  The patient in question had bilateral bypasses. Vascular surgeon wanted to know what our concerns were because it is a separate vessels. Our concern was anatomical changes in the area not allowing the PICC to pass.


Second question has any one had experience with heart transplant patients and PICCs? We feel that anatomical changes would also prevent us from placing a PICC, unless it was done in IR under fluoro.

                                                 Thank you

I have found no differences

I have found no differences in the placing picc in patients (adult or pediatric) having undergone cardiac transplants. The right atrium of the transplanted heart is usually attached to a portion of the reicpients old heart leaving the SVC intact. Hearts are usually matched to recipients in regard to size as well as other blood and tissure typing.

In regard to the axillary-fem bypass I have not run into any difficulty there that I can recall. From experience the anatomosis is usually made thru and incision in the upper chest. With recent bypass you may have some post op tissure swelling in the area which may cause some transient occlussion.   

Jeffery Fizer RN, BSN

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