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Erik Samarpan
Phlebotomy Through A Port

Does anyone have and data, or a position statement on performing a therapeutic phlebotomy through a Port-A-Cath?

Mike Brazunas
Phlebotony through a port



In recent years many institutions have been doing phlebotomies and aphoresis through Vortex ports with a great deal of success. Doing phorsesis through ports is fairly cutting edge stuff and it has been growing rapidly.  The benefit to the patient is amazing.  


E-mail me and I can send you lots of information, policies and procedures.  




Mike Brazunas Rn

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Donna Fritz
INS standards

INS standard #66, Practice Criteria III on p. S72 states:  "PICCs, midlines, tunneled catheters, and implanted ports should not be used for therapeutic phlebotomy."  That is the most current standard.

Yes, this statement from the

Yes, this statement from the INS standards published in 2006 is the most current document however this set of standards is in the revisions process now. If there are published studies or case reports or any other information about this that is newer than the INS document, I would use those as a more recent reference. So your search for evidence-based practice should go back to at least 2004 or 2005 since the process for revision of the INS document requires about 2 years from the beginning of literature searches to the printed book reaching the membership. Lynn

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