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mary ferris
phenergan IV
Does diluting Pheregan in dextrose change the ph?? 25mg in 50cc d5w
No, diluting medications

No, diluting medications alters the osmolarity but not the pH. I would never recommend giving promethazine (Phenergan) with this dilution because this encourages the nurse to hang it and walk away. Each dose of promethazine IV requires constant attention to the patency of the IV site by assessing the free-flowing gravity drip and by aspirating for a blood return every 1 to 2 mL. So dilution in a syringe, slow injection through an infusing IV line and not a capped saline lock after careful catheter insertion, stabilization and assessment of a brisk blood return is the safest methods for this dangerous drug. Better yet, just stop giving it by the IV route totally!!

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