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Peripheral IV's in lower extremities

Hi Everyone,

We have a policy in place that no venipunctures may be started by members of the IV team in the lower extremities except for pediatrics (those non-weight bearing, pre walking age).   I have been asked by members of the Pediatric Medical Staff to reconsider the age cut off for patients under 18 with a MD order.  Does anyone do this?  Do you have a policy you could share.  I have the INS Standards but the age range is rather vague.  Thanks for your help!

Janet Mulligan, RN

Nursing Director:  IV Therapy

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, MA

Angela Lee
We are a pediatric facility

We are a pediatric facility and as such, do not require an order for lower extremity PIV placement nor do we have an age cut-off.   I always consider the need for the patient to ambulate in making a site decision but for our critically ill patients, access is enough of an issue that lower extremities are not exempt from IV placement.  Once they improve and need to ambulate we try to no longer use the lower extremities.  We have no policy in place specifically addressing this site, there are too many variables to consider to have rigid restrictions.

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