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peripheral IV size for blood transfusion
May I ask information  what publications or articles that state PIVs size can use ga. 22 for blood transfusion( especially RBC) by gravity infusion. I read some articles written on this, but forgot where I can refer this time for reference. Other Nurses are still very hesitant to run the RBC infusion to ga 22 size IV access. Patient has no other good veins to fit the ga 20 as most nurses preferred. Thank you so much!
Go to the blood bank in your

Go to the blood bank in your hospital. Ask to borrow their most recent copy of the AABB Technical Manual. There is a chapter on blood administration that makes these statements.  


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There was a poster

There was a poster presentation at AVA a year or so ago byb Glorai Acquillo from Sewickley on this exact topic.  It was also published in the journal too.

Cheryl Kelley RN BSN, VA-BC

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