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Jan Wesselink
peripheral IV securement/protection

The hospital where I was newly hired secures IV's with nonsterile tape alone.  I know this doesn't meet current standards, and am meeting with the vice president today.  I've gathered quite a bit of literature supporting my claim... Is there anyone out there with evidence that supports thier way of doing things?  If there is, please respond quickl.  As it is now, I am prepared to quit my job over this.

Angela Lee
I have found that practice
I have found that practice to be very common--even in facilities like ours that have IV/PICC or infusion teams  there are little corners of the hospital that only use unsterile tape (i.e. OR).  We use the Stat Lock for peripherial IVs and apply a dressing.  The INS standards of care address this issue thoroughly and also have more than one standard addressing "catheter securement devices" which would apply to the Stat Lock.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) patients tolerate tape secured PIVs well so I don't think you would find a lot of evidence to support the idea that it significantly increases infection or infiltration but I haven't done a review other than to say that unsterile tape can harbor bacteria.  It sounds as if you are as armed and informed as you can be for your meeting.  Good Luck.
Jan Wesselink
I did quit that job. 
I did quit that job.  Before I did, I left a whole pile of data with the DON, CFO (used to be DON), and CEO.  The choice was to conform to how they did things, or leave, so I left.
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